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On the fence about new Google+ pages.

Today, I signed up Wheaton Bible for Google+ for a page (new feature of Google+). What will come of it is to be determined, still!

Here’s what I’m seeing so far…

  • Unlike Facebook, you can’t have more than one admin…which gives it a thumbs down.
  • Unlike Facebook, you can’t set a clean URL…which gives it a thumbs down. On Facebook, we are On Google+, we are Hmmm….
  • Switching between myself and the page is as simple as can be…which gives it a thumbs up.
  • The aesthetics of Google are, in my opinion, much better than Facebook…which gives it a thumbs up.
  • But…bottom line: Google+ is not anywhere NEAR Facebook in any other area.

Do I hope that Google+ can carve out a niche for itself, instead of just trying to replicate Facebook? Yes… but until that happens, I’m on the fence.



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